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Yokkaichi Chemical Company was founded in 1959, at the corner of Yokkaichi industrial region as its member.
We have been operating our business based on our corporate philosophy:
"Improving our fine chemical synthesis technology, we declare to efficiently and promptly provide attractive products that satisfy our customers"

In 2009 we reached our 50th anniversary.
Meanwhile, we had cultivated a variety of technologies based on our non-ionic surfactant manufacturing technology with ethylene oxide as its raw material.Our products that were produced from the core technology we have have been loved by both of our domestic and international customers.
Amid the progress of globalization, petrochemical industry in Japan is changing significantly.with the strengths as a member of the Dai-ichi Kogyo Seiyaku group, we are aiming to be a company that cannot be ignored for creating unique products and responding to the needs of our customers promptly.
We would like to ask you our customers for your continued understanding and support.
President and CEO
丹羽 浩一